Bus Accident Yields $1.25 Million Settlement in Hudson County

Bus Accident Yields $1.25 Million Settlement in Hudson County A passenger on a bus tour suffered a traumatic brain injury when the bus collided with a car. The ensuing lawsuit settled for $1.25 million. Plaintiff was riding in a Yep Tours bus in Jersey City on July 6, 2017 when the tour bus collided with a car and then a lamp post. The bus was attemping a left turn from the right lane. The inital police report stated the driver of the car was at fault for entering the lane of traffic. Plaintiff suffered a closed-head injury, herniation at C5-C6, multiple bulging discs and right shoulder injury. Plaintiff claimed that following the accident he suffered from headaches, slow mental processing, fatigue, concentration problems, and impaired verbal and memory skills. The plaintiff relied on an accident reconstruction expert and, along with video footage from the scene of the accident, demonstrated that the bus was traveling too fast and was ultimately responsible for the accident. Yep Tours agreed to a $1.25 million settlement and made payment on Oct. 30, 2020.