Fort Lee Personal Injury Lawyer

The Fort Lee personal injury lawyers at The Reinartz Law Firm represent victims in accident cases throughout New Jersey. Fort Lee is a densely populated urban area and sees hundreds of injured individuals every year that are faced with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and potentially permanent disability.

Located in nearby Hackensack, we offer a free initial consultation and aggressively pursue compensation on behalf of our clients.

About Fort Lee, NJ

Sign of Fort Lee NJ

Located in Bergen County, Fort Lee is home to some 37,000 residents. Sitting at the western end of the George Washington Bridge connecting to New York City, Fort Lee is a bustling urban landscape.

Named after a Revolutionary War encampment, Fort Lee became the birthplace of the American film at the turn of the 20th century. The city swelled in size during the 1960s and 1970s.

Fort Lee is also rated one of the best places to live in New Jersey with various parks, restaurants, shopping and highrise apartment buildings.

Personal Injury in Fort Lee

With the abundance of traffic in the area comes the risk of accidents and injury. There are numerous vehicle accidents that take place in Fort Lee, many of which involve trucks. In addition, with so much foot traffic, pedestrian accidents are commonplace. We handle a range of injury cases for our clients. The most common include:

  • Car and Truck Accidents - Car accidents are one of the leading causes of serious injury in New Jersey. When your injuries are caused by the fault of others, you may be able to seek compensation through an injury claim. Talking to a lawyer can make a big difference in such cases.
  • Pedestrian Accidents - Without the protection of a vehicle, pedestrians are especially at risk. Fort Lee sees heavy foot traffic near busy roadways. If you've been injured by a moving vehicle through no fault of your own, you should seek a consultation with an injury lawyer to discuss a potential case.
  • Workers' Compensation Claims - Injuries sustained on the job are generally covered by workers' compensation insurance. Employers are required by law to maintain workers' compensation insurance for the benefit of their employees. Working with an attorney can expedite the process and maximize your benefits.

What Can You Recover?

Individuals who are injured may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries. Many injury victims are unable to work after an accident. Not only are they unable to earn, but they can also accumulate debt from medical treatment. Compensation can be sought for the following:

  • Medical Bills - Victims of negligence can seek compensation for the cost of medical treatment for their injuries. Compensation may be awarded for costs associated with emergency room care, hospitalization, doctor's visits, diagnostic tests and other treatments. Compensation for future medical care may also be sought.
  • Lost Wages - Lost wages are common damages for injury victims. Past and future lost wages may be pursued through an injury claim.
  • Pain and Suffering - Injury victims may seek compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, among other non-economic damages.

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Acting quickly after an injury can have a significant impact on the result of a later claim. Gathering facts and preserving evidence is paramount to a successful claim. A lawyer can help. Call us today to discuss your potential claim.