Jersey City Slip & Fall Lawyers

Accidents unfortunately happen and sometimes people fall and hurt themselves, but what if the accident could have been avoided? Maybe you slipped on the icy steps of your apartment building, or tripped on an uneven sidewalk, or fell on a foreign object at a department store or supermarket.

If you have been injured under these or similar circumstances, The Reinartz Law Firm can help. We specialize in cases involving personal injury, including slip and fall matters.

About Slip & Fall in Jersey City

In a Jersey City slip and fall case, a plaintiff typically sues a landowner for injuries caused by a dangerous condition on the landowner's premises. Injured persons in these cases may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent physical and non-physical injuries, among others.

There are typically four components to a slip and fall accident case:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach
  • Causation
  • Damages

"Duty of care" refers to the legal obligation that landowners have to certain people on their property. When there exists a duty of care, landowners must keep their property safe from known dangerous conditions as well as dangerous conditions that should be discovered upon reasonable inspection of the property.

"Breach" occurs when the landowner fails to observe the required duty of care. "Causation" means that the landowner's breach of the duty of care must be the immediate cause of the injuries. "Damages" requires that the injured plaintiff prove they have sustained legally compensable damages.

Jersey City Litigation

Jersey City is the county seat of Hudson County, and the location of the Hudson County vicinage of the New Jersey Superior Court. It is in this court that an experienced Jersey City slip & fall attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve in a slip and fall case.

Hiring the right personal injury attorney can be the difference between being justly compensated for your slip and fall injuries, or having your case dismissed.

Why Us?

The Reinartz Law Firm is an experienced personal injury and premises liability firm based in Jersey City, New Jersey. Managing Member of the firm, Richard Reinartz, has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of wrongfully injured persons.

Prior to founding the firm, Richard worked for over a decade at two of the largest firms in the United States on a variety of complex personal injury matters, including slip and fall cases.

With a thorough understanding of the laws affecting slip and fall cases, knowledge of the Jersey City courts, and experience in high-stakes litigation, The Reinartz Law Firm can help you with your personal injury case.

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For slip and fall injuries in the Jersey City area and surrounding communities, contact The Reinartz Law Firm. Because time is a factor in submitting claims for injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident, schedule your consultation our Jersey City Personal Injury Law Firm today to expedite your claim. We have offices in Hackensack as well as downtown New York City.