Garfield Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Garfield is the fifth largest community in Bergen County, NJ with a population of over 30,000 people. When a workplace accident causes injury, employees have certain rights under New Jersey Workers' Compensation laws.

What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation laws exist to protect employees from the undue burden of a workplace injury. All employers in New Jersey with at least one employee must carry workers' compensation insurance. When an injury occurs, these benefits are intended to help employees deal with the cost of medical care, lost wages, and more.

What Types of Benefits Does Workers' Compensation Provide?

Workers' compensation provides a safety net for injured employees that includes:

  • Medical Expenses - Expenses incurred from medical care, emergency room costs, hospital costs, therapy, and other costs directly related to your injuries.
  • Lost Wages - When an employee is injured it may take time before they can return to work causing lost wages. Workers' compensation is designed to replace a portion of lost wages and provide compensation for permanency disabilities caused by the work injuries.

Workplace Injuries in Garfield

Injuries while in the scope of employment can occur anywhere. Typically the most serious injuries occur at high-risk jobs, such as construction sites, however fall down accidents can occur anywhere. Fault does not play a part when qualifying for workers' compensation. If you're injured while performing your job duties, you are likely eligible for compensation.

New Jersey employers with even a single employee are required to maintain workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation insurance is no-fault insurance that provides benefits to injured workers.

If you are considered an employee, and you are injured while performing your job duties, you are entitled to benefits, even if the accident was your fault.

The most common injuries sustained include:

  • Back Injuries - Back injuries are common injuries and can occur from lifting or other common tasks.
  • Slip & Fall Injuries - Slip & Fall accidents can occur anywhere there are hazards in the workplace.
  • Repetitive Stress/Strain Injuries - These types of repetitive activity injuries are all too common.
  • Toxic Exposure - Industrial workers can also be subjected to environments where toxic materials are used.

How The Reinartz Law Firm Can Help

Working with an attorney on a workers' compensation claim has many benefits. For one, we work diligently to recover the maximum amount allowed by law. Second, the workers' compensation process can be complicated.

Working with an attorney with experience in workers' compensation can help streamline the process, ensure paperwork is filed properly and in a timely fashion, and help you obtain all appropriate benefits.

At The Reinartz Law Firm, we have decades of experience handling workers' compensation claims for injured New Jersey employees. We offer a free consultation to discuss your specific scenario, and work on a contingency basis meaning you pay nothing out of pocket until we recover compensation on your behalf.