Jersey City Dog Bite Lawyer

Jersey City Dog Bite Lawyer

Have you been injured by a dog attack? Maybe a neighborhood pet that got loose or dog that was being walked?  The Reinartz Personal Injury Law Firm is dedicated to assisting clients who have sustained injuries from dog bites.

We are passionate about helping people and work hard to pursue compensation for those who are injured. We handle the legal issues and let you focus on healing. Our accomplished Jersey City dog bite lawyers are sensitive to your plight, and skilled in pursuing these types of personal injury claims.

Dog Bites in Jersey City

Four and a half million people are bitten by dogs annually.  The injuries sustained from dog bites and attacks are often serious, and the experience devastating. 

In Jersey City, a dog owner is liable for his dog’s actions even if the pet has never demonstrated vicious behavior in the past. This concept is referred to as negligence ‘per se’.  Additionally, even if a dog bites you or your child while in the care of another party, such as a dog walker, the dog walker may be liable for the dog’s actions even though they are not the owners of the dog.

Dog bite claims may be precluded where the person bitten was trespassing at the time of the dig bite, attempting to commit a criminal act, or otherwise provoked the dog or by their actions or assumed the risk of being bitten.

About Our Jersey City Dog Bit Lawyer

Jersey City Dog Bite Lawyers

Although a dog attack may be over quickly, the physical and emotional scars can last much longer, or indefinitely. At The Reinartz Law Firm our experienced Jersey City Dog Bite Attorneys can help.

Don’t let the other party’s insurance company pressure you into talking to them and accepting a de minimis settlement for you injuries. The insurance companies are NOT looking out for your best interests. Our attorneys are.  

Our reputation for aggressive representation and the pursuit of the compensation commensurate with our clients’ injuries is well deserved. When you have been wrongfully injured by a dog attack, we are on your side, fighting for a just settlement or verdict.

Our attorneys have worked as trial lawyers for some of the biggest and most prominent law firms in the U.S. and will vigorously advocate for you all the way through the litigation process and through a jury trial, if necessary.

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If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog, you should immediately seek medical attention, contact the local authorities to document the incident and also document your injuries. After you have taken care of your medical well-being, contact us office to evaluate your dog bite claim.

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