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While injuries in automobile accidents, slip and falls and dog bite cases are usually instantaneous and easily recognized, injuries sustained from toxic exposure can be far less evident. In many cases, the symptoms of toxic exposure take months, years or even decades to present.

While the onset of these injuries can be subtle, the medical consequences can be severe. The experienced legal team at The Reinartz Law Firm will help you understand the legal issues involved with your toxic exposure claim and will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Toxic Exposure in Jersey City, N.J.

Thousands of people are exposed to harmful toxins every year, and Jersey City is no exception. Exposure can occur on the job, at home, and even in public places. Success in a toxic exposure injury case will depend on the plaintiff identifying how and when the exposure occurred, and demonstrating a causal link between the exposure and resulting injuries.

This typically requires extensive review of medical records, diligent research and the testimony of expert witnesses. About Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City is the second largest city in the State of New Jersey. It is a highly developed urban area with numerous commercial and industrial sites. Some of Jersey City’s top toxic substance concerns include asbestos, benzene, lead, manganese, toxic mold, Teflon, thimerosal, vinyl chloride, and Hexavalent chromium.

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