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Workers' Compensation in Mahwah, NJ

All employers are required to cover workers' compensation insurance to protect New Jersey workers. When any job-related accidents occur, regardless of fault, these benefits can be used to cover costs associated with those injuries.

These costs typically fall into categories including:

  • Medical Benefits - Any medical costs incurred due to your injuries including medical bills, ambulatory costs, prescription costs, and other treatments.
  • Lost Wages - Following an injury, you may be unable to return to work for some period of time. This period can depend on the severity of your injuries and the length of time needed to recover. Workers' compensation benefits provide a means of recovering some of these lost wages.

Work Injuries in Mahwah


Mahwah is the 2nd largest municipality in Bergen County at just over 26 sq. miles and is home to over 25,000 residents. Home to commercial and corporate activity Mahwah has its share of workplace accidents.

While the most severe injuries occur in industrial scenarios involving heavy machinery workplace accidents of any kind can cause severe injury and loss of wages.

The most common accidents are:

  • Back Related Injuries - Back injuries are some of the most commonly reported workplace injuries and can occur anywhere. Lower back injuries are especially common caused by even minor lifting.
  • Slip & Falls - Fall accidents can occur nearly anywhere in the workplace and account for a large portion of reported injuries.
  • Repetitive Stress - Many occupations involve repetitive tasks which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome among other repeittive injury.

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