Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Workers Compensation

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and Workers Compensation

If you are injured while working in New Jersey, you will likely be able to pursue a workers' compensation claim. Workers' compensation is a form of no-fault insurance designed to help injured workers recover lost wages and obtain medical treatment for injuries. One common term that is used as part of that process is Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI. What is MMI and how does it impact your claim?

What is the Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

MMI is the point at which a person has recovered from their injury as much as possible, where no further medical treatment will result in improvement. In NJ, injured workers receiving medical treatment through workers' compensation must be provided medical treatment up until the point they reach MMI. This does not mean that the individual is in the same physical health as before their injuries. Rather, it means the injured worker has plateaued medically, and are as good as they are going to get after the injury.

How is MMI Determined?

An authorized physician determines when an injured worker has reached Maximum Medical Improvement. Once MMI is reached, the legal obligation to provide medical treatment benefits ceases. Occasionally, disputes may arise regarding the diagnosis of MMI, and there are ways that injured workers can challenge a doctor's finding of MMI.

MMI is Critical To Your Benefits

The concept of MMI is critical to the timeline of workers’ compensation benefits. MMI will directly factor into the length of your treatment and benefits received. If an independent medical examiner sets an MMI date improperly or too soon, it could significantly impact your benefits. Thus, it is important to ensure that MMI is appropriately determined and your primary treating doctor is involved in the process.

Finding Your Workers' Compensation Attorney

The workers' compensation process can be complex and confusing. If you've been injured at work, you owe it to yourself to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney. It's important to have an advocate on your side. The Reinartz Law Firm represents New Jersey employees in workers' compensation claims. Contact us today for a free consultation.