New Jersey Prescription & Medication Errors Lawyer

More than a million people in the United States are injured every year due to prescription and medication errors. In many cases, these errors are preventable. Legal issues in these cases can range from products liability issues to medical malpractice, and more.

If you or a loved one were caused harm due to a medication or prescription error, you may be entitled to compensation.

How common are medication and prescription errors?

These errors are more common than most people think since many prescription errors are not life-threatening. However, under certain circumstances, prescribing the wrong medicine, the wrong dose or improper administration of medication can cause serious harm or death.

Medical professionals and pharmacists are potentially accountable in these scenarios. Both are supposed to carefully consider your diagnosis, allergies, and medication contra-indications before prescribing medicine. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences.

What are the most common types of medication errors?

Some of the most common medication errors involve someone receiving an incorrect dosage of medicine. Other common medication errors involve prescribing the wrong drug. In this regard, elderly individuals are at a higher risk since they are more likely to be taking prescription drugs, and may have pre-existing conditions.

What causes prescription & medication errors?

Medication errors can result from many factors including

  • Human Error
  • Incorrect Dosage
  • Poor Processes
  • Understaffing at Hospitals

Prescription errors can also be made by primary care physicians and pharmacies. Common causes of these errors include:

  • Errors Writing The Prescription - These can include human error, handwriting, dose errors and more.
  • Errors During Medical Diagnosis
  • Incorrect Medication
  • Improper Dosage
  • Communication Problems Between Staff
  • Failure to Identify Drug Interactions

What should you do if you've been injured?

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