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As evidenced by the recent Metro-North passenger train derailment in the Bronx, train accidents can have devastating effects, often resulting in serious and catastrophic injury, and even death. If you have suffered injury from a New York train accident, the experienced Personal Injury Lawyers at the Reinartz Law Firm will vigorously pursue justice for you and your family.

About Train Accidents

Accidents between trains, collisions with motor vehicles, and derailments are the most common kinds of train accidents. When these incidents occur, we often look to the engineers, railroad employees and equipment to see if due care was taken to preserve passenger welfare and safety. Regular equipment maintenance and safety regulation adherence are also part of the picture when determining negligence. If you have a personal injury claim for a train accident, it is imperative that you file in a timely manner. Failure to meet specific filing requirements can result in the dismissal of your claim and the inability to pursue damages.

New York Mass Transit Train Accident

On December 1, 2013 a Metro-North passenger train derailed near the Hudson River in the Bronx while commuting from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station. The incident resulted in four deaths and numerous injuries, including a spinal cord injury that may leave the victim paralyzed. Much controversy surrounds the incident as the train whipped around a curve at an excessive speed. All seven cars of the train and its locomotive left the rails. The recommended speed for this curve is 30 mph. The Federal Railroad Administration issued a safety advisory soon after the accident, directing railroads to offer briefings and training to their employees regarding speed limits and restrictions. Crews for Metro-North have already installed a warning system at the curve where the deadly accident occurred. The system warns the engineer to slow down, and if this fails, the emergency brakes will automatically engage. In addition to speed, the focus of the engineer at the time of the derailment has been called into question.

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