New Jersey Passenger Injury Claims

New Jersey Passenger Injury Claims

In New Jersey, passengers who are injured in motor vehicle accidents may be able to seek compensation for damages from the negligent parties who caused their injuries. 

There are, however, a number of factors that must be considered in connection with passenger injury claims, including who pays for medical coverage, who can be sued and what types of damages may be pursued in a lawsuit.

Is No-Fault Insurance Available to the Passenger?

When a passenger is injured in an accident, a personal injury lawyer will review all available insurance coverage and determine whether the injured passenger qualifies for no-fault insurance coverage, sometimes referred to as Personal Injury Protection ("PIP").

PIP is a package of insurance benefits that provides medical treatment to injured passengers in motor vehicle accidents, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.  Typically, injured passengers can seek PIP benefits through their own automobile insurance policy. However, where the injured passenger does not own a car or have automobile insurance, an attorney can help determine where PIP benefits may be secured.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

A personal injury lawyer will next attempt to determine whether the injured passenger may sue the negligent driver who caused the injuries. Under certain circumstances, there may be a bar to suit, unless it can be proven the injuries meet a statutorily outlined set of injuries.  In other cases, this statutory limitation on lawsuits may not apply. An experienced passenger injury lawyer can review the facts of the case, and available insurance policies, and determine whether a personal injury lawsuit is viable.

At the Reinartz Law Firm, we represent injured passengers, drivers, pedestrians and others who suffer injury in motor vehicle accidents. Cases filed by the firm are prepared as if they will go to trial in order to maximize the client's potential recovery. And under our contingency fee arrangement, clients pay nothing until we secure them a financial recovery.

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