New Jersey Sports Injury Attorney

When you engage in sports and other recreational activities, there is generally some risk of injury involved. However, when the careless actions of others, individually or in concert, cause an injury in the course of a sports activity, there may be grounds for legal action.

If you or someone you know has suffered a sports related injury at the hands of another, an experienced New Jersey Sports Injury Lawyer can explain your rights and help you seek compensation for any damages.

About Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can range from a torn tendon or broken bone, to a traumatic brain injury or even death. Damages in these cases can include pain and suffering for physical injuries, economic loss, loss of wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and out-of-pocket medical treatment costs among others.

If you have been injured by another during the course of a sporting event, you may be entitled to compensation for your loss.

Sports Injury Cases in New Jersey

In New Jersey sports injury cases, it is typically necessary to demonstrate that a defendant acted recklessly or intentionally in causing the injury. The negligence standard that is common in other types of personal injury cases may not apply in sports injury cases.

Regardless, because every case involves different facts, you should consult a lawyer if you sustain serious injury during a sporting event and believe the cause of the injury is suspect.

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The Sports Injury Lawyers at The Reinartz Law Firm, LLC have experience in New Jersey personal injury litigation and sports injury law. We understand the medicine behind the injuries sustained in these cases, as well as the process of demonstrating the liability of those who caused and contributed to the injuries.

We are passionate about helping people and work tirelessly on behalf of our sports injury clients to obtain them the compensation that they deserve.

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