Paramus Personal Injury Lawyer

When a serious injury occurs it can have a serious impact. From medical bills to lost wages, an injury can wreak havoc on your life. At The Reinartz Law Firm, we help people who have been injured through no fault of their own in recovering damages from all responsible parties.

We're proud to serve the Paramus community with compassion and excellence in all personal injury matters and invite you to a free consultation to discuss your case.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

If you've sustained an injury and you believe it was due to the negligence of others, a personal injury claim can help you secure proper compensation.

We handle all types of personal injury lawsuits including:

  1. Car Accidents Claims
  2. Construction Accident Claims
  3. Pedestrian Accident Claims
  4. Dog Bite Claims
  5. Medical Malpractice
  6. Defective Product Claims

If you've been seriously injured, a dedicated personal injury lawyer can help seek compensation for those damages. You should contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident.

Personal Injury Compensation

When you file a personal injury claim you are typically looking to recover compensatory damages such as:

  1. Medical Expenses - Medical bills can mount pretty quickly. Recovery of costs from things such as emergency medical services, hospital stays, doctor bills, prescription costs, and follow-up care can be sought.
  2. Lost Wages - Serious injuries can cause an injured person to miss work temporarily and, in some cases, permanently. Compensation for these damages can also be sought as part of a personal injury claim.
  3. Pain and Suffering - Some injuries can cause undue pain and suffering to an individual. In certain cases, you can seek compensation for pain and suffering damages.

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Personal Injury in Paramus

Paramus is located in Bergen County, N.J. It's considered to be a suburb of New York City located just 17 miles from Midtown Manhattan. It has around 27,000 residents.

It's home to some 120 miles of roadway including the Garden State Parkway, Route 17, and Route 4. It's also one of the largest shopping destinations in the United States estimated to exceed $6 billion annually in retail sales.

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