Significant Drop In Car Accidents During COVID-19

Significant Drop In Car Accidents During COVID-19
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As the pandemic continues in New Jersey, more and more residents are working from home or avoiding conventional means of transportation. As a result, the number of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents has been significantly reduced. In fact, the number of fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents has plummeted to a near 50 year low.

Prior to the lockdown that took effect earlier this year in New Jersey, the number of accidents was nearly on par with previous years and that trend was likely to continue. As more businesses continue to reopen, we can expect those numbers to begin to rise again.

New Jersey isn't the only state to see a drop in fatal car accidents. Some 20 states across the U.S. have seen a drop in these fatalities with California seeing a near 84% reduction in traffic-related fatalities. Joining them with record drops was Michigan at 67% and Illinois at 57%. In New York City they had seen a period of 46 days without a single pedestrian death, the longest stretch on record.

There are of course exceptions. Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Louisiana have actually seen an increase in the number of traffic fatalities. In fact, the police nationwide have reported an increase in the rate of speed of drivers overall.

It's clear that fewer cars on the road leads to fewer accidents. Of course, accidents still do occur, and when they do you need a trusted advisor on your side to help you navigate the complexities of a personal injury claim. From the investigation of your claim, to the generation of paperwork, and the skilled negotiation required for a positive outcome, you need someone on your side that knows the law.

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