Can Google Save Your Live After a Car Crash?

Can Google Save Your Live After a Car Crash? Actually, it might be able to. Google's line of Pixel phones comes with crash detection, and could potentially save lives after accidents. Google published a video this week that shows how this feature works, and includes a story of the phone in action following a car accident. Only the Pixel 3 and later have this feature included, and need to be enabled by giving the phone access to your location, microphone, and sensors. It works by analyzing your environment, using motion sensors to detect sudden changes in motion, and a microphone to listen for the sounds of an accident. If your phone thinks that an accident has taken place, the device will ring loudly and ask if you need assistance. It will wait for input for up to 60 seconds. If you fail to respond, it will call emergency services letting them know an accident took place at your specific location. The phone will remain on line using speakerphone in the event you need to communicate with first responders. This feature only works on the aforementioned models in the United States, the UK, and Australia.