Fair Lawn Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Fair Lawn is a thriving community and workplace for thousands of New Jersey residents. When workplace injuries occur, many employees have questions about the types of benefits that may be available through workers' compensation insurance.

The Reinartz Law Firm has offices in Hackensack, NJ, and focuses on workers' compensation claims for Fair Lawn residents and workers. With a proven track record of success, we invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss your workers' compensation claim.

About Fair Lawn, NJ

fair lawn, nj

Fair Lawn is the 4th largest city in Bergen County and home to more than 34,000 residents. It is a very busy area, with close proximity to New York City and multiple roadways. Its population is also extremely diverse, with many ethnicities and over 50 languages spoken.

Fair Lawn has been listed in multiple publications as one of the top places to live in New Jersey, which makes it an attractive place to work.

Workplace Injuries in Fair Lawn

New Jersey employers with even a single employee are required to maintain workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation insurance is no-fault insurance that provides benefits to injured workers. If you are considered an employee, and you are injured while performing your job duties, you are entitled to benefits, even if the accident was your fault.

While most serious injuries occur while performing inherently dangerous tasks such as construction jobs, the potential for injury exists anywhere. The most common workplace injuries include:

  • Back Injuries - Back injuries can occur in any occupation, particularly lower back and neck injuries.
  • Slip & Fall Injuries - Many accidents occur due to fall-down incidents, and can occur anywhere.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries - While more common in labor-intensive jobs, repetitive stress injuries can take place even in desk jobs.
  • Toxic Exposure - Many industrial jobs include the risk of exposure to hazardous materials and toxins, and can cause serious injuries.

What Benefits Are Available?

If you've been injured at the workplace, you can seek benefits for your injures through workers' compensation. Each case is different, and the type and amount of benefits will differ. Here are the most common types of available benefits:

  • Paid Medical Treatment
  • Temporary Disability for Lost Wages
  • Permanent Disability
  • Funeral Benefits

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

  • If you've been seriously injured and require immediate medical assistance, seek it immediately.
  • If your injuries do not require immediate attention, you should report the injury to your employer as soon as possible and inquire about a workers' compensation claim so that a medical examination can be scheduled.
  • Contact a workers' compensation lawyer. Connecting with a lawyer early in the process can help avoid potential pitfalls and guide you toward a positive outcome.

At The Reinartz Law Firm, we have extensive knowledge of the workers' compensation system and have helped many Fair Lawn residents and workers successfully navigate the compensation process.

We invite you to a free consultation to discuss your claim.