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Riding a bicycle is a great way to get from point A to point B. It provides exercise and saves you money. However, this is also one of the most dangerous forms of transportation available today. You are often vulnerable to motor vehicles on the road, and drivers are not always safe around cyclists. Contact a Hackensack bicycle accident lawyer.

A bicycle accident can lead to serious injuries and damages. If you suffered injuries in a crash and required medical treatment, you will need the help of a Hackensack bicycle accident attorney from Reinartz Law Firm.

How We Help Bicycle Accident Victims

At Reinartz Law Firm, we handle all types of traffic accident cases, including those involving injured cyclists. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of representation possible and always seek the best outcome for each individual client.

Some of our case results in motor vehicle accident cases include:

  • $400,000 for a client with a herniated disc
  • $375,000 for client injured by street racers
  • $335,000 for shoulder injuries
  • $200,000 for spinal cord injuries

These are some examples of how hard we work for our clients, and we can assess what your case might be worth. Contact Reinartz Law Firm for your free case evaluation today.

We have built a solid reputation as tough negotiators who have recovered substantial payments from workers’ compensation insurance companies for our clients. We are also award-winning courtroom litigators who zealously advocate for the compensation our clients deserve. Our Hackensack offices are conveniently located in Court Plaza across the street from the Bergen County Justice Center.

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Bicycling in Hackensack

In Hackensack, you might notice more and more cyclists out and about every day. Increasing numbers of people are traveling by bicycle for exercise, fun, or more economical and environmentally-friendly transportation. The area has several bike paths and trails, and many roads have bike lanes.

Even with the surge of healthy cycling, serious risks of accidents persist. Drivers still get frustrated with slower cyclists, and many streets have hazardous conditions that can cause you to crash on your bike. While you might use caution and wear protective gear, you can still find yourself in the emergency room with serious injuries due to a bike crash.

Drivers on the road need to be respectful of those around them, especially when it comes to sharing the road with a bicyclist. If a driver acts negligently, this can have costly or fatal consequences for bicyclists. You can hold drivers accountable for their actions and the devastation they leave behind, but place your focus on recovering, not the legal process that will soon follow. This is where our dedicated bicycle accident attorneys come into play.

How Do Bicycle Accidents Happen?

There are many ways a bicycle accident can happen in the Hackensack area, and there might be no way to anticipate or avoid a crash as a cyclist. You can stay as vigilant as possible but cannot predict or prevent a driver’s split-second decision or lapse in judgment. Trying to stay within bike lanes and wearing protective gear can help you to stay visible and safe.

Even so, a bicycle accident can still happen due to the following, among other causes:

  • Lane merging: When a driver does not check their mirrors when merging into a lane, they can hit other vehicles or bicyclists that may be in the way.
  • Dooring: When a person in a parked car opens their door without looking, this can cause a bicyclist to hit the door and tumble, leading to serious injury.
  • Rear-end collision: A bicycle can hit a car or truck from the back or get hit by vehicles from behind. These crashes regularly send cyclists over their handlebars, often causing face and head injuries.
  • Left-hand turns: Intersections can be dangerous places for bicyclists. If a vehicle makes a left turn as a bicycle continues straight, it can cause them to collide.
  • Right-hand turns: The same is true for right-hand turns as for left-hand turns, as these accidents can happen in a similar manner.
  • Distracted driving: This is one of the main causes of all types of accidents in New Jersey and across the country. When drivers are distracted, they take their eyes off the road and may not see a bicycle rider coming their way.
  • Speeding: When a driver is speeding, they cannot slow down in time to avoid hazards. They can also be unable to stop in time to avoid an accident.
  • Back-up accidents: When a vehicle backs out of a parking space or driveway, it can back up into an approaching bicycle. This often happens if they are not checking their surroundings or are backing up too quickly.
  • Driving intoxicated: Whether it be drugs or alcohol, driver intoxication is another leading cause of all types of accidents on the road.

This is not a full list, and even if you do not see your cause here, you might still have the right to file a claim and seek compensation. Our Hackensack bicycle accident attorneys will work to determine what caused the accident and who should be liable in your particular case.

Serious Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents often lead to catastrophic and life-altering injuries. In the worst cases, bicyclists can die from accident-related injuries. Others might need months or years of medical treatment and have lasting effects and impairments.

Some of the most common injuries our Hackensack bicycle accident attorneys see include:

You can sustain many other injuries on a bike that will require extensive medical treatment. Some injuries are permanent, and others may take years of treatment before you can return to regular life activities. Even if your injuries heal with time, your treatment can result in overwhelming medical bills, lost income, and other costly losses.

Wrongful Death From Bicycle Accidents

In the worst cases, your loved one may die after suffering severe injuries in a bicycle accident. Your family can lose financial support, household services, and other practical losses. You can also feel the devastating grief and emotional trauma of a sudden and preventable fatality. You deserve compensation and justice for your loved one’s untimely death.

While there is no way to bring them back, the law allows close family members to file a claim for wrongful death to seek compensation from liable parties. We handle these types of cases, and our team will work to hold the negligent party responsible for your loved one’s tragic death.

Contact a Hackensack bicycle accident attorney to discuss your specific circumstances. Reinartz Law Firm helps families dealing with tragedy with compassion and the personalized attention you need in this difficult time.

Am I Eligible for Compensation?

If you were not the negligent party, chances are you can be eligible for compensation after a bicycle accident. You might have followed all the rules of the road and used necessary caution, but a driver’s negligence led to your accident and injuries. When this happens, the driver’s insurance company should provide full compensation for all of your losses.

Leave it up to our Hackensack bicycle accident attorneys to prove that the driver’s negligent actions caused the accident, and they should provide compensation.

To prove liability, we can collect evidence that:

  • The driver owed you a duty of care, which is to drive safely to prevent accidents and injuries
  • The driver breached their duty of care by making a mistake or violating a traffic law
  • The breach caused your injuries in the resulting accident
  • You incurred losses as a result of your injuries

While this might seem straightforward when a driver hits your bike, insurance companies require more than your word to determine liability. You cannot tell them your version of events and expect a settlement check. At Reinartz Law Firm, we know what type of evidence is persuasive to prove liability to insurance companies, and we put our knowledge to work in every case.

Once you prove that someone else should be liable for your losses, you need to prove how much compensation you deserve. Never expect the insurance company to simply agree to the amount you demand in your claim. They will want records, documents, and other evidence of your losses before they will make a settlement offer.

Our attorneys take time to carefully assess your damages to ensure we seek the full amount you need. Once you accept a settlement, you cannot return to ask for additional funds, so you need to get the calculations correct.

We know how to calculate all types of damages, including:

  • Medical bills for the care you already received
  • Estimated future medical expenses
  • Lost income from the time you missed at work
  • Future lost earnings if you cannot return to work or earn as much as you previously did
  • Physical and mental pain and suffering
  • Permanent disabilities or disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Current economic losses are fairly straightforward to prove with receipts, bills, and other documents. However, future losses and intangible losses like pain and suffering are significantly more difficult to calculate and prove.

You need an experienced attorney to handle this process. Reinartz Law Firm appreciates and recognizes the many costly ways an injury can affect your life, both economic and non-economic, now and into the future. We address the full range of losses you experienced to ensure we seek the proper compensation.

Who Is Involved in a Bicycle Accident Claim?

Several parties can be involved when you pursue a bicycle accident claim, and many things happen at once.

Some parties that might play a role in your case include:

  • The negligent driver
  • The driver’s employer, if applicable
  • Bicycle rental companies
  • The negligent driver’s insurance company
  • Corporate insurance companies, if there are liable businesses
  • The civil court if we need to file litigation
  • Defense lawyers for insurance companies during litigation

You should not have to communicate with any of these parties once you hire our firm. We handle all communications, so you never have to worry about responding or saying the wrong thing. You should focus on your injuries while we focus on moving your claim through the legal process and dealing with everyone involved.

What Should I Do After a Bicycle Accident?

After a bicycle accident, it can be a confusing time, and there are certain steps you need to take to protect your health, build a strong case, and obtain compensation. First, you will need to seek medical attention for your injuries. Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance, and this should always come first after an accident. Get medical care immediately after the accident occurs. Any delay can cause the insurance company to raise various doubts about your injuries.

Follow all of your doctor’s advice. If you have a treatment plan that requires physical therapy, attend all sessions. Schedule necessary surgeries without delay. If your doctor orders you to refrain from working, stay home. You might be worried about losing income, but you can seek compensation for lost wages as part of your claim. Doing everything you should demonstrates you are taking your injuries seriously, and so should the insurance company.

You will then need to contact a Hackensack bicycle accident attorney from Reinartz Law Firm to discuss your accident and begin building your case. The sooner you contact an experienced attorney, the sooner we can get to work protecting your future.

Contact a Hackensack Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

As with most other personal injury cases in New Jersey, you will only have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. The moment your injury occurs, the clock starts ticking. Even though many clients think that two years is plenty of time, there is much to do before you reach the lawsuit stage of your case. Any delay can cause you to lose quality evidence and leverage with the insurance companies.

This is why you should never wait to reach out to Reinartz Law Firm immediately after a bicycle accident and injuries. We can assess your rights and options, building a strong case to obtain the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury lawyer handle everything and remove the stress of the legal process from your shoulders.

We serve clients in Hackensack and the entire Bergen County area including Teaneck, Fort Lee, Fair Lawn, Garfield, Englewood, Bergenfield, Paramus, Mahwah, Ridgewood, Lodi, Cliffside Park, Lyndhurst, Palisades Park, Elmwood Park, Rutherford. Please contact us at (201) 778-4878 today for your free case evaluation.

The Reinartz Law Firm Fights for Injured Bicyclists

After a bicycle injury, you may feel like your world is turned upside-down. You need medical care and treatment, but how will you pay your medical bills if you can’t work? How will you pay your household expenses? What steps must you follow to apply for workers’ compensation benefits? Can you pursue someone other than your employer for your losses?

You have important questions. We have the answers.

We staff our law firm with dedicated legal advocates who will tirelessly work to protect your rights. He will negotiate with the insurance companies, help process your workers’ compensation claims, and file whatever is necessary to recover the money you deserve.

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