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When you or someone you love is injured in an accident, you deserve the best possible care to protect your rights—and your path to recovery. Our Hackensack medical malpractice lawyers at Reinartz Law Firm understands the physical and mental burden that medical malpractice injury brings, and can fight for you every step of the way. As one of the top-rated personal injury attorneys in the Hackensack area, if we take your case, we guaranteed to handle it with the utmost efficiency and compassion.

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With offices in Hackensack and New York, Reinartz Law Firm has a successful record of helping clients with medical malpractice claims. Since its founding, the firm has become a multiple award-winning organization of national acclaim.

Our recent cases include a $325,000 medical malpractice recovery for one of our clients.

No matter the situation, Reinartz will always prioritize you with empathy and understanding. We will investigate your case to the last detail, ensuring the best path to recovery. As you focus on recovery and your loved ones, our dedicated attorneys will manage all legal processes for you.

The Hackensack office is conveniently located in the Court Plaza, near the banks of Hackensack River. Contact us for a meeting via phone, video conference, or in-person visit. We offer free consultations for any questions you may have and to tell you more about the ways Reinartz Law Firm can help you get back on your feet.


Several factors may affect compensation after a medical malpractice injury, including evidence proving that a doctor or other healthcare provider caused your injury. Because the collection of this evidence can confuse most people, it is best to hire a medical malpractice lawyer shortly after the event. Our lawyers will know exactly what you need to make your claim viable.

You or a loved one may face:

  • Medical bills for services, such as visits to a medical facility, therapy, X-rays, and other specialized treatments to correct your healthcare provider’s mistakes
  • Income lost as a direct result of the injury
  • A future loss of earnings during recovery from the injury
  • Physical suffering that greatly impacts living standards
  • Emotional/psychological suffering

Our experience as trial lawyers gives us a clear advantage over other firms. We know our way around a courtroom and how to present your medical malpractice claim to a jury, if necessary. Our core mission is to fight for clients’ rights with everything we have, striving for personalized care that will bring you justice.

Due to the sheer number of local hazards, an experienced attorney is exactly what you need to pursue compensation if you are faced with an injury. Please note that New Jersey’s statute of limitations has a two-year limit. To file a lawsuit, you must do so within this deadline.

Reinartz Law Firm has served clients of this area for many successful years and is well attuned to the needs of Hackensack residents. We understand the area and, most importantly, we will ensure that we understand you and what you’re going through.

Dealing With Insurance Agencies

Insurance companies for at-fault doctors and healthcare facilities always have money as their priority, so going straight to them with a claim may not result in full compensation for your injury. They may try to convince you their offer is the best available, when in fact this is usually not the case. They may request that you provide a recorded statement, and afterward they could quite literally use your words against you to lessen the impact of your claim.

When you put your trust in Reinartz Law Firm’s attorneys, you avoid the struggle that make insurance companies thrive. Together, we will secure the full settlement that you deserve.

What to Do After an Accident

After a medical malpractice injury, consult a second medical professional and follow their treatment plans strictly. Keep all records following the incident—this means copies of medical bills from your initial and second provider(s). When you meet with our attorneys, bring everything you have with so we can analyze and evaluate it.

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Here at Reinartz Law Firm, we believe every case has the potential for success and that every client deserves full, fair compensation for the negligence of the doctors and other medical providers who harmed, rather than cured, them.

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