Rear-End Collision In Camden Settles for $185,000

Rear-End Collision In Camden Settles for $185,000 Plaintiff was stopped at a red light in Belmar, NJ on Route 55 when she was rear-ended by a commercial van. Plaintiff claimed negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle, and permanent injuries resulting from the accident. Plaintiff took herself to the hospital where she was examined and released. Plaintiff was later diagnosed with a concussion, a mood disorder, post-concussion syndrome, difficulty concentrating and herniated discs. Plaintiff claimed that she continued to suffer back and neck pain and that those conditions limited her ability to care for her three children. She sought damages for her past and future pain and suffering, and for future surgery on her neck. The parties negotiated a pre-trial settlement on July 20, 2020 where the commercial vehicle's insurance carrier, Utica Mutual Insurance Co., agreed to pay $185,000.