$1.25M Settlement For Delayed Diagnosis in Essex County

$1.25M Settlement For Delayed Diagnosis in Essex County A plaintiff who had a delayed diagnosis of bladder cancer recently agreed to a $1.25 million settlement of his medical malpractice suit. In this case, the plaintiff visited his urologist with complaints of abnormal bleeding and problems emptying his bladder in 2017. With a urinalysis showing abnormal cell growth, plaintiff was prescribed antibiotics which did not resolve his symptoms. A year later, plaintiff had a subsequent bladder scan and cytology which showed irregular cells. Plaintiff had a follow up in Feb. 2018 showing even more atypical cell growth. Plaintiff was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and the cancer had spread to his pelvic bone and pelvic lymph nodes. Plaintiff's lawsuit claimed that had the defendant urologist ordered the proper tests, plaintiff's tumor would have been discovered at an early stage and the cancer could have been stopped from spreading to plaintiff's pelvic area. Due to the delayed diagnosis, plaintiff required more invasive treatments including chemotherapy and surgery.