Essex County Superior Court – Civil Division

Essex County Superior Court - Civil Division

Courthouse Location: Essex County Veterans Courthouse, 50 West Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102
Civil Division Office Location: Hall of Records, Room 201, 465 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 776-9300 x56800
Civil Division Manager: Debra Dadic, x56521
Assistant Civil Division Managers: Ebony Johnson, x56526
Angeline Asobo, x56512

Essex County, New Jersey Superior Court Personal Injury Law Firm

essex county superior courthouse

When you have suffered serious injury and damage due to the negligent actions of someone else, you deserve justice with full and fair compensation. This is typically only achieved through a civil action. Though the majority of these civil claims are settled out of court, a large number can be resolved successfully only through litigation. This is an area where the attorneys of the Reinartz Law Firm shine. Our lawyers fiercely litigate personal injury lawsuits for our clients in the Essex County Superior Court.

Essex County Superior Court, Law Division, Civil Part

The Law Division, Civil Part of the Essex County Superior Court is the venue for personal injury lawsuits, defective products cases, car accident cases and medical malpractice suits that originate in Essex County, New Jersey. A six-member civil jury is empaneled for these cases. The court doesn’t require representation by a lawyer, but does strongly recommend it. The court and its clerks are very helpful and informative, to a degree. They are unable to provide legal guidance or even answer many important questions you will likely have about time limitations, court rules, discovery, how to draft your complaint and other essential factors. Due to the complex nature of civil litigation and what’s at stake, the skills of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer with trial experience in the Civil Part of the Superior Court Law Division are invaluable for your Essex County personal injury lawsuit.

About the Trial Lawyers of The Reinartz Law Firm

Law firm founder Richard Reinartz and attorney Thomas A. McKinney are top litigators, with a history of many trail victories. Attorney Reinartz is a seasoned trial attorney on both the plaintiff and defendant sides. This experience and knowledge are valuable assets for our clients, offering unique insight and perspective on how opposing counsel thinks and behaves. Another important factor is our absolute willingness to go to trial when required. With his illustrious background and many professional accolades, Richard’s reputation precedes him. Defendants and their attorneys are aware that we are not afraid to take them on in court if they don’t bring serious offers to the negotiation table. This is a valuable asset during settlement conferences.

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Call on the Reinartz Law Firm to provide talented and thorough legal services for your Essex County personal injury lawsuit. We are prepared to offer passionate and comprehensive representation from beginning to end. And if your claim proceeds to trial, you can be confident that our attorneys possess the savvy and experience that will prevail for you in court.