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Car crashes can happen just as easily in parking lots and parking garages as on major regional highways—including Interstate 80. They are also common downtown and during rush-hour traffic.

Car accidents often happen when people drive carelessly or recklessly under the circumstances. When an accident occurs, victims may suffer serious injuries that require ongoing medical treatment—including complicated surgical procedures and physical therapy. Their lives can change instantly because another driver made a poor decision or mistake.

You are not alone if you suffer injuries in a Hackensack car accident. However, you should always have experienced legal counsel representing you at every stage of your injury claim.

The experienced Hackensack car accident lawyers at Reinartz Law Firm can help you review your legal options and decide on the best course of action for your car accident case. We have a strong track record of success during settlement negotiations and in court. In fact, we have recovered millions of dollars in monetary compensation for our clients through personal injury settlements and courtroom jury verdicts.

Our personal injury lawyers can assist you during the claims-filing process and help you negotiate a fair settlement offer that truly compensates you for your injuries. If you are eligible to file a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver or their insurance company, we can help you throughout that process and, if necessary, litigate your case and take it to court.

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Car Accident Causes

Hackensack Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are among Hackensack's most prevalent causes of injuries and deaths. In a recent year, the Hackensack area recorded 19,472 car accidents. While some of these accidents resulted in property damage only, others caused severe injuries and even fatalities.

Car accidents usually result from driver error and negligence. A driver is negligent when they operate their vehicle recklessly or unreasonably. In car accident cases involving severe injuries, showing that someone else caused your accident is critical.

Each crash is different, with a unique set of events leading to the crash.

Some of the most common causes of car accidents in the Hackensack area include:

  • Driving violations: New Jersey road rules are in place to keep both drivers and passengers safe. When drivers violate these regulations, they increase their chances of causing a traffic accident. Some of the most common road violations that lead to crashes include speeding, tailgating, failing to use turn signals, and failing to yield the right-of-way to other vehicles at the appropriate times—such as highway merge lanes or traffic intersections.
  • Distracted driving: A distracted driver fails to watch the road. Electronic devices, such as cell phones, GPS devices, and tablets, often distract drivers from their duties. At other times, drivers become distracted when they have to discipline young children seated in their vehicles or when they play loud music while driving. Even a one-or-two-second distraction may divert a driver's attention away from the road, causing a severe collision.
  • Road rage: Road rage is a driver's unwarranted response to perceived or actual events. For example, a driver might become unreasonably enraged when another driver operates their vehicle too slowly. The enraged driver may abruptly speed up, tailgate the other driver, or zealously weave in and out of heavy traffic to try and get around the slow-moving vehicle. As a result, the enraged driver may accidentally cause a crash, leading to severe injuries.
  • Intoxicated driving: Alcohol can seriously impact a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely. Drunk drivers often experience physical symptoms, including blurred vision and lack of concentration. Intoxication may prevent them from stopping their vehicle in time to avoid a crash. A passenger vehicle driver is legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of at least 0.08 percent. Commercial vehicle drivers and minors under 21 must abide by stricter standards.

When people drive recklessly, they increase their chances of inadvertently causing an accident. You can hold them liable if they injure you.

If you recently suffered injuries in a car crash, the knowledgeable Hackensack car accident attorneys at Reinartz Law Firm are here to help. We can meet with you to discuss your accident and your injuries. We can then explain your legal options, help you file a claim with the appropriate insurance company, and pursue the monetary recovery you need.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes can leave many accident victims injured, out of work, and needing ongoing medical treatment. Car accident victims' injuries depend primarily upon the type of accident that happens—and the impact force. Generally speaking, head-on collisions, rollovers, and broadside crashes cause the most serious and potentially fatal injuries. However, any accident can result in life-changing injuries, including rear-end "fender bender."

An accident victim’s injuries also depend upon how their body moves in the vehicle. In some car accident scenarios, the impact force is so severe that it causes a part of the accident victim’s body to strike something in their vehicle—like the steering wheel, headrest, door frame, window, or dashboard—causing debilitating injuries.

Common injuries that car crash victims suffer include:

After your accident, you should immediately call 9-1-1 and follow up at a hospital emergency room or urgent care center the same day. The medical provider on duty can order the necessary MRIs and X-rays and perform a thorough physical examination. The provider can also make the necessary referrals if you require additional medical treatment.

While you focus on recovering from your injuries, the experienced Hackensack car accident attorneys at Reinartz Law Firm can begin gathering up your medical treatment records, lost wage documents, police reports, and other potential evidence that will be necessary for your car accident claim or lawsuit.

New Jersey PIP Insurance Laws

All drivers in New Jersey must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance which provides a maximum of $15,000 in coverage. Drivers must also carry this insurance, regardless of whether they opt for a basic or standard policy.

If you become involved in a motor vehicle crash, your PIP coverage provides the necessary compensation for your medical expenses—regardless of how the accident occurred and who caused it. PIP insurance may compensate you for your lost wages, essential services, and income continuation while you treat your accident-related injuries.

Drivers who opt for a standard policy have additional legal rights when they suffer injuries in a car accident. Specifically, they may choose between a limited right to sue and an unlimited right to sue the at-fault driver—and indirectly, the at-fault driver's insurance company—following a severe car accident.

Injured drivers with a limited right to sue can file a claim or lawsuit against the responsible driver if they suffered specific types of injuries in their accident.

Qualifying injuries include:

  • Significant disfigurement
  • Dismemberment
  • Displaced fractures
  • Significant scoring
  • Permanent injuries
  • Loss of a fetus

To establish that a particular injury is permanent, a medical provider must ordinarily state—to a reasonable degree of medical probability—that your injury is unlikely to improve over time.

Injured drivers with an unlimited right to sue may file a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver for damages exceeding their PIP coverage. They can pursue these damages even if they do not suffer a serious or permanent injury in their accident. Compensable damages may include compensation for pain and suffering, mental distress, and inconvenience.

The knowledgeable team of Hackensack car accident lawyers at Reinartz Law Firm can help you file a PIP insurance claim in your case and determine your eligibility for filing a claim or lawsuit with the at-fault driver's insurer. Our legal team can assist you throughout your case, helping you pursue the maximum compensation available by filing a claim, negotiating with the insurance company, and filing and litigating a lawsuit if necessary.

Recovering Damages After a Car Accident

Hackensack Car Accident Lawyer

Injured car accident victims often need to attend medical appointments, undergo risky surgical procedures, and attend rehabilitation sessions. Medical treatment costs can pile up quickly, leaving you needing significant monetary compensation.

Moreover, some accident victims suffer such serious injuries that they cannot work for a significant period. These injured drivers may need to take time off work to attend their medical appointments and physical therapy sessions. Finally, some car crash victims suffer permanent injuries that prevent them from continuing in their current line of work. Consequently, they may need to switch jobs—or entire careers—and take a significant pay cut.

The primary purpose of monetary damages in a car accident claim or lawsuit is to make an accident victim whole again—to the greatest extent possible. Although money can never fully compensate a car accident victim for their permanent injury or disability, it can help to bring them a sense of closure and justice.

Damages that car crash victims recover often depend upon various circumstances, including the accident and how it occurred. Other potential factors include the injuries that the accident victim suffered, the total cost of their medical treatment, and the type of insurance policy that the accident victim and the at-fault driver had in place at the time of the crash. While some injured drivers may only be eligible to turn to their own PIP policy for coverage, others may be eligible to file a claim or lawsuit with the at-fault driver's insurer.

Some common damages that car accident victims may recover include compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, inconvenience, mental distress, pain and suffering, loss of use of a body part, loss of life enjoyment, permanent disability, and loss of spousal companionship, depending on the circumstances.

Our experienced legal team can help you determine which of these damages you are eligible to recover in your car accident claim or lawsuit. We will then work to maximize your damages by highlighting the strengths of your case during settlement negotiations while downplaying any weaknesses.

Talk With an Experienced Hackensack Car Accident Attorney Today

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Richard Reinartz, Hackensack Car Accident Attorney

Car accident victims do not have unlimited time to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit for damages. Therefore, as soon as possible after your car crash, you should talk with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney right away.

The skilled legal team at Reinartz Law Firm is ready to assist you with every aspect of your car accident case. In addition to investigating the circumstances of your car crash, we can help you file a claim with your own insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurance company, if applicable. If the at-fault driver’s insurer refuses to offer you the compensation you deserve, we can help you file a lawsuit in the court system and litigate your case to a prompt conclusion.

At Reinartz Law Firm, we pride ourselves on thoughtful, result-oriented legal representation in personal injury matters. When you retain us to represent you in your car accident claim or lawsuit, you can rest assured that we will zealously advocate for your legal interests throughout the process—and help you maximize the compensation you receive for your injuries.

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