Permanency Awards in Workers’ Compensation

Permanency Awards in Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries can have a huge impact on the way a person performs their job duties for the rest of their life. Permanency awards provide compensation for the total or partial loss of functionality sustained by individuals who are injured on the job.

What is a Permanency Award?

A permanency award is a type of workers' compensation benefit in New Jersey. This benefit is provided to employees who suffer partial or total loss of a body function after a work injury. A permanency award can be granted if the individual has a permanent loss of use of the injured body part, or if the injury has an impact on their personal lives, such as hobbies or other activities.

These benefits are separate and distinct from other workers' compensation benefits, such as medical costs and temporary disability.

How Are Permanency Awards Calculated?

While the workers' compensation process and the awards granted vary on an individual basis, permanency awards are generally awarded based on the worker's average pay and the percentage loss of the body part in question. There is typically an assessment involved where the court will look at your particular circumstances. They will evaluate whether that person will reach maximum medical improvement through a medical professional and whether the injuries sustained will have a permanent impact on daily life.

The New Jersey Department of Labor publishes a rate chart detailing potential payout amounts based on various industries.

Time Limits on Permanency Awards

There is a two-year time limit to file a formal claim petition for workers' compensation benefits.

Getting Help

Having a skilled workers' compensation attorney in your corner can have a huge impact on your potential benefits. At The Reinartz Law Firm, we have decades of experience handling workers' compensation claims for New Jersey individuals. If you've been injured on the job, call today for a free consultation and learn about your rights and available benefits.