Essex Car Accident Case Settles for $1 Million

Essex Car Accident Case Settles for $1 Million car accident   A plaintiff who sustained spinal injuries in a motor vehicle accident recently settled her lawsuit for $1 million dollars on Oct. 22, 2020. The plaintiff was driving on Mulberry Street in Newark, NJ in July, 2017 when her car was struck from behind by a minivan driven by the defendant. The defendant's vehicle was owned by SAS School Transportation. The defendant claimed that Plaintiff had stopped short to allow a pedestrian to cross the intersection and could not stop in time to prevent the accident. Plaintiff's injuries required spinal disc decompression surgery to alleviate pressure on compressed nerves. In addition, plaintiff needed artificial disc replacement and a bi-level laminectomy. The lawsuit also claimed other medical injuries including disc herniation and disc bulges. Plaintiff was also unable to return to her previous job as a school bus driver. Plaintiff filed the lawsuit against both defendant individually and SAS School Transportation.